We developed the InseeSearch system [1] to allow users to query high quality open data initially published by INSEE, which we extract and re-publish in RDF format. Given a set of search keywords, e.g., “unemployment rte”, our system allows user to quickly identify the most relevant datasets among the tens of thousands that INSEE published, and, if possible, even the most specific answers InseeSearch extracts from the most pertinent datasets.

The short video below shows InseeSearch at work:

Here are some examples:

1 . “Taux de chômage nord pas de calais” (unemployment rate Nord-pas-de-Calais)

2. “Pauvreté par region” (poverty by region)


[1] Tien Duc Cao, Ioana Manolescu, Xavier Tannier. Searching for Truth from a Database of Statistics. WebDB @SIGMOD, June 2018, Houston, USA.

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